Sexyloops - It's getting heavy!

It's getting heavy!

It's getting heavy!

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 21 January 2018

I'm preparing the season start, that means fish still are in deep pools and it's not easy to reach them with a flyrod. Our trout don't like to rise so often, that's the reason we have to fish deep! And so on, I was tying some really heavy nymphs with two tungsten beads, the idea was just add as much weight as possible. Here some first ideas about:

For a heavy nymph you don't need a lot fibers, because every fiber is slowing down the nymph while diving. So here a first double tungsten nymph with nearly nothing on it and UV glue to speed her up:


And here even added some copper wire for a nice body and more weight:




And here my favorite one, already had so many fish on it. In front a 4.5mm and a 3.8mm bead as a body, that's a really heavy one and will be the joker for every deep hole Cool

Looking forward to fish them!