It is getting better

It is getting better

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 7 August 2020

Like you might remember August is my favourite month for fishing. After high water in June and July with changing temperature, August is not failing. Water level is dropping little bit, temperature is settling and fishing is getting better. Some good hatching etc. Life couldn’t be better.

I thought that this week would be slowing down with guiding. Normally Finnish people are finishing their holidays in end of July. I was wrong and this time I’m glad about that. Last Friday we had tv-shooting and fishing was good. For me most important thing was that I could do some ”statements”. Let see what are going to be in final programm.

But back to fishing, as soon as it turned to be August everything was easier. Big fishes are still little bit missing but we had some good ones anyway with guests. Dry- fly fishing is good again, for some reason dries where not so good on July as normally. It is also possible that we were not fishing so much with those. There is old saying that only flies which are wet are fishing, with dry flies is not working that way. As you guess it means more like that only the flies which are water are fishing. Old saying but true.

Wednesday we had great dry fly fishing for half an hour. We caught only one up but it was really exiting hour to guest. He had lot of rises and takes. It was teachable time to beginner for many ways. Follow your line, follow fly etc. He was really happy even he could land only one small grayling. I think that he was hooked for flyfishing after that.

I’m really looking forward coming two days. I have group coming and forecast is too good to be true. Friday we train casting and fishing techniques and Saturday we take rafting boat and really go fishing. Weather is looking sunny and wind is from south. Time will show how it will end up. If you plan fishing trip to here, consider to visit us on August. Nights are getting little bit ”dark”, trout fishing is getting better. Days are still warm and sunny, grayling fishing is great.

It is 1 am. I have been doing 14 hours days some time now. It means that time to go bed. Tomorrow is another day in paradise.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend