Sexyloops - It didn't last

It didn't last

It didn't last

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 9 February 2024

Last week it was warmer, heavy wind and snowing. Satu did her training in the morning before coming to farm and I did mine before going home. It was kind of chilly because of the wind but otherwise it was okay.

We had plan that this week on Sunday we would have next session with Yoda. I haven't locked that in because we haven't been able to practise this week and forecast for Sunday doesn't look good. We have day off, which is weird.

On Monday I had full training session despite dropping temperature and wind. Tuesday I had short one, temperature was dropping still but I thought I will do it anyway. 15 minutes casting and my fingers started to be cold and line started to be more like cable than flyline. Tuesday evening when doing casting it was -19c/-3F.


I had plan that I can do short practise still, even short ones every day. Wednesday morning when waking up it was -29c/-20F. And when coming home after day at farm one degree less, nope... I won't break my gears, I have rod in garage which is around 0/32. But when you get rod and line out it is turning fast as cable and I broke one line last winter already.

Thursday was same, except -31c/-23F in the morning, daytime -21/-5 and evening back to morning temperature. And at same time some breeze.


We have been heating our fireplaces a lot, we have 2 of them and sauna is also wooden heated. So that warmer period didn't last we have dropped back to situation where  the hell is freezing. We have changed to use horse hall for casting, but it doesn't have heating so temp will be close to -10c/14F, no wind so that could be something to handle for me, not sure how Satu feels about that.


I will go to check horse hall tomorrow and see how it is in this weather, then I will make decision about Sunday. If Yoda has other things at least we can have casting practice with Satu. I have heard that Europe has been warmer this winter than normal.... well Northern Europe has been more like hell freezing temperatures. Winter like this makes you really want go on warm place to have a holiday and fishing.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing!

Mika from Finland