International Fly Fishing Show - Indonesia

International Fly Fishing Show - Indonesia

Paul Arden | Monday, 15 May 2017

It's been a great week in Indonesia catching up with fishing friends from here, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Borneo, Macau and Australia and making new ones from all these places as well as China and Mongolia. 11 new instructors were made as well so a very successful event. And I got to teach about Snakehead and Giant Gourami as well as distance casting. A great well organised show with excellent facilities.

And now it's back to Malaysia for me and another three months of jungle flyfishing. The fishing should now be getting better and better with free rising Snakehead shots and Gourami in windlanes. Also I'll be chasing Jungle Perch every morning from first light. 

 I have a nice video of the quick shot torque twist delivery which I've uploaded here. I think it works primarily because it's quicker to rotate using the elbow joint as opposed to the wrist. As you can see from the video I make the same snap movement with the haul. It's a great cast that I've been working on for  about two months. I've tried it for Distance too but I can't keep it straight.

I think there is a big demand for me to buy a houseboat at Temenggor lake, so if you're interested in fishing with me without the strong possibility of being eaten by a tiger then buy some Sexyloops rods :)

Have a great week!