Incredible Asp Week

Incredible Asp Week

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 28 August 2019

All week long I was fly fishing for asp and teaching fly casting. Brilliant week for sure - lots of fine asp included.

Finally I managed to catch an asp in the 80cm range. Fair to summarize, I first had to land 700 - 800 asp during the past 10 years before landing this one big one now.

Asp can grow over 90cm, just like Atlantic salmon can weigh 25Kg or even more. But those fish can't be planned to be caught, I think. Catching an asp of 80cm (or little more) can be planned, but usually will take some serious skills and a lot of time spent on fly fishing for them on top. Exactly what I was working on for almost a decade now.

During the past week I was teaching fly casting and aside that, I was chasing asp all other days long (upto 14 hours per day). I managed to catch an incredible number of truly fine asp as you may have a look at in the pictures below. Of course I am still working on finding more details on asp behaviour.

Asp are among the most pickiest fish I have been fishing for, when it comes to hunting for one and one only sort of baitfish. If imitating that fails just a tiny tiny bit, we are not even close to be in the game! So one needs several strategies to imitate whatever will be needed.

It's 11pm now and I will start at 3:30am for another asp-day!

Yeah, time to sleep!

I wish all of you a great week - hopefully some fine fishing included!

All my best


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