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If it is not broken

If it is not broken

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 18 November 2022

Don't fix it. Everyone understand that or at least most of rock bands has understood it. ACDC, similar music for decades and it still kicks your ass. Metallica, Ozzy etc This list could go on and on. Rock will never get old.

I had to sent my HT4 to be repaired on August. Broken rod end of August, shipping details where to sent during same day, in fact more like in few hours. I sent rod on next day, so it was on the way. It took more than three weeks that rod was in Spain. So on that point fishing season was about to end so I was fishing with spare rods. I couldn't track rod after it entered Spain so not sure how long it was travelling there before getting to be fixed. Second week of October I asked if it is arrived and I was told that yes and has been fixed. They would shipped it back next week. This week I start to worried where the rod is. I asked from Spain and got answer that it has been posted more than two weeks ago. After they made research we found out that rod has been traveling all over the Europe.

Some time in Spain, then Germany, Belgium then back to Germany. One more stop in Belgium back to Germany and then to Finland. It should be now on the way to Kuusamo but let's see how long it will take.

So if it's not broken don't fix it. I don't know what have happen to post system but if you want to get rid of something give it to post. Posting system has been working well for decades and then it seems that they have been doing some "improvements". Yes you can track items, not sure if you will ever get them. It took a week that we got reel from Malaysia to Kuusamo, now my rod has been traveling 3 weeks from Spain to Kuusamo and not here yet.

Fishing season is not starting until Next June so I have time. For practicing I will use HT6 anyway.  

We don't have much snow yet, still it is -10 celsius. So you could call that as winter allready.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing