Sexyloops - HT5s building later this week

HT5s building later this week

HT5s building later this week

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 30 March 2022

The HT5 blanks are due to arrive on Friday having navigated a transport strike in Spain! I certainly hope they do so we can start shipping by the end of next week. I’m very excited to see these getting out there to you guys who pre-ordered at the beginning of the year. We should be able to get all these orders out over the next fortnight. It’s a fantastic rod as I know you’ll expect and I look forward to hearing your impressions and of course experiences you have with them. :)))

This is a bit of a quick FP from me since Nick is down with Covid and Bernd is still on a break. I wrote a long page yesterday of course that took me most of the afternoon. I mentioned yesterday that I was building a bed in the Battleship today and I have so far cut one piece of wood. It has been perfectly cut. So it's looking good so far. 

After all that work I decided to go for a swim. Since my indoor bike has been giving me problems I've been focussing on my swimming technique and have actually been swimming in the lake (with the Snakehead) every day. Not far, only about half an hour. To be honest I have found it very difficult to bring myself to do this, despite being here so many years. And that's because there are big fish in my mind. 

Last week Ashly paddled her kayak next to me as I swam, which was great because I got lots of video for working on my technique. And now, finally, I'm ok doing this on my own. I still think about Snakehead of course – I always think about Snakehead – but open water swimming has always had imaginary demons for me. And I just have to get over them. 

I have two 70.3 triathlons booked this year (so far). There is the Desaru in July and the Outlaw X in September. I wouldn't say I'm fit but I'm a lot fitter than the last time I did a triathlon. And of course the fitter you are the more fun you have. 

Right, time to cut another piece of wood. I hope to finish this by tomorrow and then that's all the boat building stuff until next Wet Season. I'll be able to fully concentrate on fishing again. 

Cheers, Paul