How to tie a... pike snack

How to tie a... pike snack

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 23 April 2017

I have the honour to write for Matt today, because he is busy. I\\\'m still preparing the slowly starting season, only a week left until we can fish again for pike. Today there was quite a lot of work with bringing the boats from our club back into the water. So now more and more toughs are going back to pike fishing. Here one of my favourite pike pattern in stillwater in a step by step for you

What you need for the pattern? 
- a hook in a size you like to fish with it, for me it's a Partridge Absolut Predator in 4/0. It's a heavy wire barbless hook with a big eye what I really like 
- some Bucktail, to give the streamer more shape
- Flash, to be honest nearly all flies need some flash :)
- Big fly fibers, to give the movement and shape
- Craft fur, to give even more movement 
- a head and/or eyes, I use a ProSportfisher soft head, that's easy to use and gives a nice shape and more "jigging" effect

Start with the flash and a small bunch of big fly fibers, i use only the curly part in the back to get the volume there:


Cover it with bucktail in a color you like

I use the rest of the big fly fibers now to give a nice color contrast:


Some more bucktail:

And the head is out of craft fur in a loop to give a big head and moving fibers around:


I cover all with the head (or also just eyes and epoxy)

Of course there have to be added some eyes 

Here a bunch of some streamers which are already just waiting for next month! 

Best Daniela