Hot air balloons and a competition

Hot air balloons and a competition

Nick Moore | Wednesday, 13 April 2022

The drive to Brecon for the next BFCC competition was rather stunning, and it was nice to see some great scenery, including some hot air balloons! Now this meant only one thing, VERY light winds and high pressure, so the day was going to be tough for the distance events. It took dad and I 2.5 hours to get there, which wasn’t bad, considering we departed at 0700 and didn’t get back until 1930 that evening.

The first event was the accuracy, and this was extremely poor. I missed 3 or 4 targets completely which was very disappointing. Now, I was using a different leader, and I couldn’t see the fluff very well, so I was basically guessing where it was. There was no wind when I did the event, so the conditions were pretty much perfect! Never mind, we had bacon sandwiches, hash browns and a coffee afterwards which really helped me for the next events, the T38, S55 and T120. 

I did the T38 first and achieved a decent distance in relatively calm conditions, followed by the T120 and finally the S55. I wasn’t going to bother with the T120 after last time (ouch) but was convinced to give it another go. The last event of the morning was the S55 for me, and this was poor. I think it was down to a tracking fault, gripping too hard, rotating too early, applying force far too early and a lack of a high stop on the forward cast. Apart from all those things, it was fine! 

After this, it was straight onto the #5, #7 and ST27 events which I really enjoyed. Now, last time I cast the ST27 first followed by the #7 and #5, and I was really tired by the end so I didn’t throw my best. This time I swapped it around, and hit a good cast with the #5 which I was very pleased with in those tough conditions, and I thought I was going to win until James cast next. :)

My #7 cast was strange, a swirly wind stalled the cast and made things really tricky, but I did manage to hit a good cast outside of the time limit which was a great shame. The ST27 was fun, and it was the last event of the day for me. After this we had some fun chucking the #5 with my bendy sticks, and later on James gave me an excellent 1-1 tune up of my cast which really helped, some more things to work on for the next event.  

My goal for the day was to hit the #5 at least 120’, so I was pleased when I got my 121’ 01” #5 cast. It was great seeing everyone again, and I look forward to chucking more lines at the next event. 

Tight lines