Sexyloops - Horsing around at the Game Fair

Horsing around at the Game Fair

Horsing around at the Game Fair

Tracy&James | Thursday, 3 August 2017

We’ve had busy weekends recently with work in between so haven’t much time to write a FP. So here are some photos from last weekend where we spent a lot of time running casting competitions from pontoons, walking around the Game Fair to get between the river and the stand (took 20 mins) and drinking around a BBQ in the evenings (thanks Jono).

On one of our walks we found a large wooden horse statue – though not as big as the one we found when staggering around a previous Game Fair with Paul, when he and James were convinced it had thrown them when they decided to ride it.  James stayed safely on the ground this time.  

This weekend we’re off to Cumbria to set the first qualification casts with Lee et al.

Whatever you are up to, enjoy!


eric forward


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