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Heading West

Heading West

Paul Arden | Monday, 15 January 2018

Ashly Arden (my wife!) has headed home to Malaysia. Flavio is here until Wednesday. And I'm here for another 6 weeks of flyfishing in the Central Highlands of Tasmania (unless I decide to do something different). As you can see from today's POD image there are many lakes to be fished (and that is just a small portion of them). There are many guys to fish with too, but mostly the plan now is to put my backpack on and explore this region, mostly on my own and as thoroughly as possible. I've realised that I'm not really seriously into my trout fishing anymore (Gourami and Snakehead kick any trout's arse - particularly after you've fished for trout as much as I have), however exploring this region is something that I would like to do at least once in my lifetime and so this is my current strategy. Ronan and I managed a little fishing here some 8 years ago. Ashly, Flavio and I have since visited another small part since. Flavio and I are currently on a fishing trip (I'm writing this Saturday evening) hitting some lakes around Julian's, but "The Walls of Jerusalem" are beckoning soon. Possible political references could be inserted here but I won't go there because I'm sure you've all heard enough about that wanker president.

Anyway, I'm thoroughly looking forward to disappearing into a relatively remote area for days at a time. It's been a while since I've done this for trout.

Now look one of the biggest things we have going on right now, is what will ultimately be the most comprehensive Video Fly Casting interface on the Internet. Not only is it comprehensive but it's also pretty much excellent I think. We are 31 videos into an initial 64 video collection. It's a repeat of the Casting Manual but this time with videos and the most up-to-date teaching (20 years onwards). And this is why we are launching it of course - two decades of Sexyloops and we have to give you something special (thanks Apple for the inspiration!).

The Video Manual can be found here: http;// 

This is actually a very big year for me - apart from getting married to the woman I love - there will be some dramatic changes. Firstly I am setting up a fly fishing teaching business in Malaysia - teaching fishing for Giant Snakehead and Giant Gourami to a very niche market (I will work a maximum of 10 days a month and fish the rest). Secondly (really firstly) the Sexyloops Rod Business is really moving along at the moment. This year I'm planning to hit the maximum capacity of 200-250 rods as we are currently set-up to build. This will be good - there is no question that we are producing the world's most incredible fishing/casting rods. The only question is how busy do we want to be?!

Thirdly I plan to take at the very least one Gold Medal at the World Championships in Cumbria!!! In fact it's a very busy year; World Championships in August, Sexyloops is 20yrs old Sept 22nd (location undecided) and my sister and I will be racing in a Half Ironman in Portugal Sept 30th (the World Championships and this Triathlon are really going to dictate my summer!!!!) Consequently lots of rod sales, a little bit of teaching and a hell of a lot of training (flycasting and triathlon) will be my summer! Exciting times indeed!

However right now, it's Tasmanian fishing time.

Have a fantastic week and feel free to drop me an email if you want to meet up for a fish/cast/beer here in Miena.

Cheers, Paul