Good intentions

Good intentions

Paul Arden | Saturday, 5 June 2021

We are in another 2 weeks of hard lockdown here in Malaysia and this last week I had planned to fit out the back of the Battleship. I want to install cupboards, shelves and so on, with recycled hardwood and bamboo. I’ve been meaning to do this for 12 months.

Also, I have two websites to build. One is the website for the jungle operations here, featuring both Snakehead as well as the Sungai Tiang project. The other is a website I’m building for a friend, Beq, who I was fishing with a few months back for Ladyfish.

And how much of all of this exciting work have I done this week? Zip all.

Next week I’ll be *really* busy! :D

Anyway it’s back to town for me tomorrow for supplies (mostly ice and beer) and to see my wife! We don’t have to be productive every week do we?

Lots of Zoom casting lessons at the moment. Email me if you are interested!

Cheers, Paul

PS Lars is raiding today.


Todays PoD - the Ronan doing a storm dance.