Getting to grips with the rod

Getting to grips with the rod

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Another video for the manual. Drills start next week! This one has some advice on how to grip the rod as a beginner, and then later in the video, things to try as an experienced and intermediate level caster.

Next week Ashly and I will be in Sabah, East Malaysia for a few days of holiday, to celebrate her birthday. That will be nice; swimming in the sea, more running (I ran 18km yesterday evening — ten laps around an airfield at 32C/90% humidity, which necessitated several beers to put the body back in balance — and I need to start lengthening these runs), some sightseeing and of course we’ll be fly fishing.  Mostly I really want to take to find some time to work on my open water swimming technique. The Malaysian Ironman is in October, which isn’t too far away. It’s always fun to be the only Yeti in the competition! And to think some triathletes shave their legs…

Our first Hot Tortuga is complete today. We have a lot of orders to clear. I’ve been ordering components and rings from around the world to increase our stock holding. It’s taken far longer to get up to speed than I had hoped. But we will get there, and very soon I hope!

Remember every Hot Tortuga/Torpedo comes with a 1 in 666 chance of winning an all-expenses paid two week holiday on the Sexyloops 666 yacht. And of course every rod comes with a one-hour Zoom lesson on a topic of your choosing. Not only do we manufacture arguably the finest fly rods in the world (certainly amongst the very best) but you might also get to iron out some of your casting problems, improve shot taking, learn some Spey casts… whatever you fancy.

Not sure I’ll be giving Zoom lessons next week but I’ll take the Instructor 6 rod with me in case of emergencies!

Have a great week.

Cheers, Paul