From brown to sea

From brown to sea

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 15 October 2017

Like Lars I have the same problem that season end, so I had just a last chance to say goodbye to our brown trouts. It was just a small fish, but still nice to close the season with a few red spots in my hands. Now I'm just looking forward to the sea trout season in Denmark, sadly I have to wait a little bit until we can drive up but I can already tie some flies for the trip. A perfect match that there arrived just some new shrimp-legs from a danish company who like to make flytying really easy.

The new legs are super soft and thin, they will be nice in the water. 


They come in a funny looking plastic frame, and to get them out there is nearly more difficult then tying them on a fly - no just joking... 


And a few minutes later is the shrimp already tied and ready for fishing


Sadly I have to wait a few weeks until I can test them in water, but as some people says the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation!