Flytying contest

Flytying contest

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 14 May 2017

As I already wrote here I was spending a lot of time behind the vise in wintertime. I was taking part of 3 flytying contest, one in Austria and two in Germany. It looked a lot of time and material to tie 5 streamers fitting in the rules of the contest. The rules were always the same but still all different; tying the streamer two times, using only hook size 6 or tying two streamer in different sizes. It was a nice challenge and a awesome result, i was winning 3 times in the category streamer! How cool was that!!!

Here the pics of my flies:

1. place at the Austrian Open Flytying Contest


1. place at the EFFA Open Flyting Contest
IMG_6932 Kopie

1. place at the Open German Flytying Championship

IMG_7011 Kopie

There was not much more than e certificate or 

Flytying contest are the most of the time in wintertime, these 3 will take part again next year. Maybe get your chance next year, the contests are open for all nationalies, just send in your pattern and good luck!