Flying Trip (and elaborate excuse)

Flying Trip (and elaborate excuse)

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Ashly and I shot down to KL for her sister’s wedding. One would have thought that travelling through the night in both directions would have been a relatively pain-free experience. However not to be and there were night time roadworks causing me to sit in stop-go motorway traffic for 90 minutes at 2.30am on a Tuesday morning in the middle of nowhere FFS. Anyway the result of this was around 2hrs sleep in KL, a quick couple of hours after the wedding and finally getting home again this morning at 5am. That’s right - the Roll Casting exercise video is not ready!

I will put it up tomorrow or the next day. I’m planning to upload scores of these exercises and training drills to our YouTube channel. Sometimes I put videos there and not here so subscribing to our YouTube channel is an outstanding idea even if your read Sexyloops daily.

I was reading through Sean’s Fishmail articles a few weeks ago. Becasue they are always entertaining. Amazing to see that they were written some twenty years ago now. How time flies!!

There is a lot of entertainment in these pages:

Sean is off to Mexico this month along with Ten-Pound Tom. I’m lending Sean my trusty HT10 for catching mermaids and imaginary GTs and he’s bought an HT8 for the numerous Bonefish he expects to spook. I’m sure that this trip will be quite an adventure! Have a great trip Sean!! 

Cheers, Paul