Flyfishing For Baltic Sea Trout

Flyfishing For Baltic Sea Trout

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Right now it's late summer in Denmark and we are fly fishing along the coastline of the Baltic sea chasing Sea trout. Tough fishing at the moment due to almost 20°Celsius water temperature. We are having a great time fly fishing, fly tying and fly casting all day long. Yes, some nice fish have been involved as well!

Sorry for this pretty late front page. I am very busy and just on the run to our next lunch time casting session on grass. All morning we have been out fishing the coast. Great morning - Christian landed his first (serious) Sea trout on fly and Sven had a hell of a fight with a serious big Sea trout. Unforunately he lost the battle near the end due to a broken leader. The fish was close to ten pounds, I think.

The last days all in all have been pretty tough - seen from the catching perspective. The water temperatur is too high simply. It's almost 20° Celsius while 17 would be more normal at this time of year. Besides that we are having a blast. I couldn't be in better company - thanks a lot everyone!!!

Ok, have to run now! ;)

Great week to all of you!

All my best

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