Sexyloops - fly tying by Thomas Züllich is released

fly tying by Thomas Züllich is released

fly tying by Thomas Züllich is released

t.z. | Friday, 12 January 2018

upadte - the book is online on iTunes - check link in the text

I finally got around writing my long planned fly tying book. I had several attempts to create another printed work. I wrote my first book in 1992. A conga school. Black dots on lines - written music with text. I had several requests for the conga drum book so I reissued it in digital form. It can now be purchased on iBooks / iTunes.

iBooks is a stunning platform and format really geared towards educational content. It's exactly what I always had wished for, text and book feel but multi media content like interactive graphics and video. It is a lot of work actually, even though the final package is very sleek. It is coming together very nicely. I am convinced it will give many a fresh new look on fly tying.

I also got tremendous help from the best people one can imagine. Many from the "board" helped and are still helping with proofreading. Amazing. It would not have turned out so good without all that help. I am very very grateful

As I´m writing this FP I am tying flies and filming more videos and take pictures. I keep you posted on the progress. I plan to have the book ready first week of February.

... oops ... just got system message - hard-drive almost full --- 1 TB isn't big enough any more ...

below are a few screenshots - it' work in progress as you can tell by the media containers ... back 90% images are again full galleries of pictures or videos. The book alone will have about 80 pages, plus all the second level content it is more like a 300 to 500 page piece of work.

It's alive .....

Screen Shot itunes