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Fly Rodding For Asp

Fly Rodding For Asp

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Still improving my skills and learning about asp behaviour every day.

Last week I was teaching fly fishing as usual. Inbetween and after the lessons I was fly rodding for asp. Still I haven't caught an 80+cm asp but I again crossed 70cm - so there is a way to go.

I fished 3 different types of water:

1. The large river Elbe offering little muddy water, strong (steady) tidal influenced currents and lots of big container ships passing by.

2. A small tributary to the river Elbe offering no current, a constant water level, no boats and medium clear water.

3. The North East Channel (a big channel connecting the Baltic sea and the North sea) offering clear (none tidal) water, no current in general but big container ships passing by.

The different waters...

1.  Asp are matching their feeding times to the tidal influence in the first place. Best times are a) when the current just starts again and b) when the current speed peaks. Best times means 15 to 30 minutes the most.

2. The one main feeding time per day mostly happens just before darkness. The higher the visibilty in the water is, the later it takes place.

3. As soon as a big ship passes by it creates significant current speed for a minute. In this short window asp go crazy. Here asp are perfectly conditioned to this current.

It's quite a catalysator for my learning curve on asp behaviour to fish significant different waters. All in all it holds true for most waters:

A) Asp love to chase baitfish during the last light of the day.

B) Asp love when the current speed peaks as well as they like those spots in which the current has highest speed on the river.

C) Asp enter the no current bays when there are large groups of small baitfsh available. These asp usually only hunt into the baitballs. Very hard to catch one here - still have to improve my strategy. Yet a very quick cast into the splash seems to be the best!

Right now it's time. Weather is going to be truly sunny today (which is best for asp on all waters) and I have to chase the ONE fish again! ;)

Great week to all of you - next update on Wednesday!

All my best


Some pictures as usual...

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