Fly Fishing Throughout The Seasons

Fly Fishing Throughout The Seasons

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Winter, spring, sommer and autumn - I love them all. Somehow the next one always seems to become the best one at some point!?

Last year I was in Nicaragua (nearly one and the same season all year long) and again realized, how important it's to me, to enjoy 4 different seasons where I live.

I truly love to fish the cold, icy winter water - especially during night time. Yeah, such conditions really man you up! ;)

Of course we all love to fish summertime!?

Maybe my favorite time of year is, when in autumn all leaves are starting to put on their most intense colours.

But then again right now spring seems to enter my door early this year. Fishing the first warm days near the end of winter are usually among my best catching days of the hole year - mostly just brilliant!

Fair to summarize, that after some time per season I no longer can't wait for a change. Maybe it's for how all nature changes it's coat or maybe it's for the changes in fishing. Probly it's both.

Right now we are still in winter here. It's exactly that what reminds me how fantastic it will be to have around + 10 degrees Celsius during the next days here in Germany. Minus 5 to minus 10 would be normal in February though. No doubt I will be fishing ALL DAY LONG tomorrow and the day after and the next day again. Can't wait!

There is also another fishing adventure in my pipe ahead, more about it in my next fp next Wednesday. ;)

All my best


Some pictures of last week...

bernd ziesche fishing with the fly