Fly Fishing Our Home Waters

Fly Fishing Our Home Waters

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 8 April 2020

In times of Corona most of us (if not all) stopped travelling for fly fishing completely. I hope this will give some of us a fair chance to realize some great fishing waters to always have been near by.

I truly believe that when enjoying to catch several different species of fish instead of just chasing salmonids and few exotic species of fish living far away almost on the other side of the planet, most of us do have some great fishing waters near by.

For me it never was an option to only fish in my holidays and maybe in the weekends, both travelling wise. Instead I checked every water in my area for all species of fish available and learnt how to catch each of them on fly rod. This gave me a lot of great moments just outside my house.

I believe the world wide shut down of all travelling may help to discover some fine new waters for many of us. Of course when your country doesn't allow to be outside for fishing right now, then there is no change. In my area we are still allowed to go fishing and keeping distance to others is quite common when fishing anyway!

So I of course went fishing thru the last days chasing some carp and other species of fish.

Like everyone else now I really hope that the Corona virus will be slowed down as soon as possible so we all will get back our normal lives, travelling included! In the meanwhile I don't want to allow the virus to take away what is most important for me: Fly fishing and enjoying life.

The best of health and a fine week to all of you!

All my best


Some fishing as always...

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