Fly Fishing On Facebook

Fly Fishing On Facebook

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Obviously facebook has become a large platform where fly fishermen from all over the world share their fly fishing. Since most of us have a family and a job life outside fly fishing this doesn't leave much time for other platforms like internet forums for example. So facebook maybe has become the biggest fly fishing community!?

I see many fly fishing forums being much less used to exchange fly fishing knowledge in these days. Instead facebook seems to be more and more used. I think most of us won't spent much more than an hour a day for using any internet based platform to share some fly fishing stuff. If that hour goes to facebook then that's it for most of us as it seems.

I am wondering a bit what makes facebook having such a successs!?
Are we all self exposers? :)

Well, that's what facebook offers a perfect platform for, right?

Personally I like to use facebook but for sharing fly fishing knowledge I would still prefer internet forums - when it comes to fly casting knowledge it is the Sexyloops-forum for example. Sexyloops is a great forum offering one room and one room only on every subject in fly casting.

Instead facebook seems to offer millions of groups on every subject, because so many of us want to open another group on their own for a subject on which there are already many groups existing. Definetly I have kind of lost the overview about the large number of fly fishing based groups. That and the ability to freely use these groups for publishing/sharing promotional stuff is something I really dislike on facebook.

How about you - do you prefer to share YOUR fly fishing on facebook?

Great week (outside the internet) to all of you!

All my best

Last week I have been into fly fishing for carp and hosting a fly-fishing-for-Sea-trout-workshop over the weekend. Great week as usual - some excellent fish involved!