Fly Fishing In Times Of Corona

Fly Fishing In Times Of Corona

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Anything which might be called a typical human life over here and propably almost everywhere has stopped now. Fly fishing obviously is not much different here!

All flights are cancelled. All borders are closed. Simply no travelling abroad is possible now. That of course also changes our world of fly fishing totally. Many of us only fly fish travelling wise.

In Germany all islands are closed and we are not allowed to travel inside the country anymore, at least not for the desire of fishing. In some parts of Germany we are not even allowed to fish near our home anymore!

Where I live we are still allowed to go fishing nearby as long as we don't go in groups and keep distance to everyone.

I still go shopping food, which to me seems by far the biggest risk of getting infected, because yet little actions were taken to protect everyone here. Which is why I decided to go fishing either since here I can control safety much better.

My friend Hansi keeps going fishing, too, but we keep distance between us all the time!

A lot of us fear what's being closed or happening next now. Luckily I never was and hopefully never will be in a war. Some of those who were tell this situation to be similiar in quite some ways. I don't know. But I am afraid we are about to face a sort of financial war very soon!?

I am just one of many who can't work at all now. Of course I had to close my fly fishing school and can't teach fly casting or host any fly fishing trips now.

I believe trying to stay in a positive mood and looking forward is always best. Fly fishing helps me to, so I will keep going to fish while taking good care not to come close to anyone else.

There are so many speculations about what is right or wrong now that I don't want to add any further thoughts here. Only I pray for all of you who get infected and need help that you will get the best of help no matter in what country you are!

I think we all agree now our daily life wasn't so bad after all. Hopefully we get it back soon!?

Healthy week to all of you!

All my best


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