fly fishing in grayling heaven

fly fishing in grayling heaven

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 5 August 2015

In my last front page I told you to be on fire looking forward to a very special fly fishing trip together with my mate Hein van Aar. Hein and I indeed had a blast catching some truly cracking fish!

The official Norwegian fly fishing record for grayling is at 1,9Kg. Hein and I managed to land two graylings on dry fly weighing exactly 1,8Kg. Then we caught 5 graylings measuring (significantly) over 50cm. This was simply an unforgettable CATCHING day – feeling like we wrote grayling history to some degree! You may find some pictures presenting our fly fishing for grayling at its best below.

The rest of the week we were still fly fishing the Glomma catching Brown trout and (lots of fine) graylings. For one day we drove to the fjord fly fishing for Pollack, Cod, Makrel and more. I even managed to land a LENG. Never I have seen (or heard of) anyone catching that species of fish on fly rod!? Looks a bit like the Norwegian Snake head. ;) All in all we had a fantastic week catching many and many different species of fish. Yes, some record sized ones among them. Dry fly, nymph and streamer fishing as well were included as perfect nature and some (serious) campfires.

On my way back home I spent some hours fly fishing a lake near Oslo together with T.Z - almost having a fp-team meeting though. We were presenting dry flies to some imaginary Brown trout. In the end I changed to a streamer and caught some Norwegian perch before entering my plane back to Germany.

Right now I am on my way to fly fish for pike and pike perch as well as chasing mullet, if the weather will match my plans here.

Hopefully you had such a great week either!

Following Paul’s fp on Monday I know he had an outstanding week as well! ;) One of my best friends once said: “If you lose a huge fish, you will get fully over it when you land a (safely) bigger one.” For me this always was very true! Glad you finally nailed such a fantastic issue of a snakehead, mate! Losing a trophy fish makes it much better to then catch one, I think!?

All my best


p.s.: My thanks to Gudmund Nygaard (fish spot) offering lots of very helpful information about fly fishing in the glomma and all waters around it. Fair to say there is no need to travel up all the way to Northern Norway for really HUGE graylings. Fish-spot water simply includes grayling-heaven! 

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