Fly Fishing For Atlantic Salmon - Getting Started

Fly Fishing For Atlantic Salmon - Getting Started

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Last week we hosted a fly fishing trip to the Danish Skjern river - supporting our guests to learn the important key essentials in salmon fishing as well as hoping for one first Atlantic salmon to be landed among our fine group.

Our hopes were heard and our dreams came true. Two of us landed their first Atlantic salmon, while a third one got lost!

Fly fishing the Danish Skjern river for Atlantic salmon means fair prices for a proper amount of pools to be fishable + having the chance to hook up with a large silver salmon. Not too many salmon rivers (world wide) can keep up with this nowadays! Often one has to pay a lot of money to then fish one maybe two pools for most of the day.

Besides catching those fine fish we had a lot of fly casting lessons and some fly tying as well during the week.

My personal highlight of the week was one of our guests hooking his first salmon, while I was on the opposite of the river joining two other guests.  I took of (most of) my clothes and swam over. Quite cold, but very well worth it. I then could tail the fish at the end of a proper fight. I also could have run 4 Km (2Km upstream was a bridge) and then hope for the fish to still be on. But I prefered to give my guest confidence in him doing well during the fight. Too often I have seen fish getting lost due to becoming too uncertain. Brilliant moment for sure. I don't think I 'll ever fish that river bend again without remembering that day!

All in all we all agreed to have fished a fantastic week. Couldn't have been much better!

Back home we had a day of teaching single hand and double hand fly casting as well as starting the season on fly fishing for asp. First asp have now arrived after spawning. Lots of great fishing to come.

In the weekend I will run a 2 days workshop about fly fishing for Sea trout. No need to tell what I will be doing in the meanwhile. ;) Yes, about time - right now!

Great fly fishing week to all of you!

All my best


Last week in pictures...

salmon skjern

flyfishing skjern