Fly Fishing 24/7

Fly Fishing 24/7

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 24 July 2019

During the past 7 days I was fly fishing all around the clock. During the night I was designing new flies for catching asp, while in the days I was chasing asp, carp, pikeperch and some more.

At the moment we have high summer temperatures in Germany. Both asp and carp love these conditions. Since I live in the middle of a lot of different waters offering proper fly fishing for both of them, I am happy to fish my home waters these days! Besides asp and carp I also fish for pike, perch and pikeperch.

Besides having caught a pretty good number of asp last week, there still is something interesting about asp running at my flies, which yet I am nowhere near to understand. A fair number of asp are running in extremely high speed at my flies and then in the very last microsecond (just a few millimeters away) refuse and turn of as fast as they came for it. It can't be the movement of the fly, nor can it be the look. I don't think it's the smell signature either. I don't know yet, but it seems as if asp are able to realize the electric field every baitfish has. I know that different sharks and rays have such receptors. Those were identified by Stefano Lorenzini in 1678, why these recptors are called "Lorenzinische Ampullen". I don't know, but maybe asp have such an abilty either?

At least that would perfectly explain why a truly wild action on my fly helps me a lot to get them hooked. Such a movement makes it harder to use whatever sense to identify my fly to better not be taken. Obviously asp are able to identify their food extremely well, makes sense! :) Since asp aren't a very common species of fish, I think, not much research has been done on them yet.

I am in contact with some biologists about this and hopefully one day will find the cause and improve.

Ok, about time to go fishing and study further details! ;)

All my best


Some impressions of my last days....

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