Fly Design - Fly Fishing For Asp

Fly Design - Fly Fishing For Asp

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 31 July 2019

During the past days I shaped a lot of different flies out of balsa and foam. My goal was to create a fly moving 10 to 30cm below the surface - depending on my retrieving speed and the current. The fly then should go wild (left, right, up and down = running in all directions). Finally I am getting very close to be satisfied!

I can't tell how many balsa prototypes I shaped during the past weeks, a lot though. I worked with lead and tungsten inside the head to get the fly moving on the right depth. Now I have tested to shape heads out of foam (thanks David ;) ). Both takes a while to shape the heads. Anyway finally I am really close to be satisfied with my flies. The movement looks truly brilliant to me, but of course I need a fair number of asp to confirm my impressions here!

During the past weekend we went to south Germany meeting with our family. Of course I went fishing in the large Rhein river in between. I didn't see any asp activities (hunting fish), but one was satisfied with one of my new high action flies anyway as you may see in the pictures below. So it seems am on the right track!

Besides fly fishing for asp I had a short session in a lake on carp as well. Yes, this session worked out pretty well, too! So, all in all I had a pretty fishy week.

During the next days I will further study asp and how they like my new flies.

Hopefully you're having a fine fly fishing week - maybe testing some new stuff, as well!?

All my best


P.s.: James, you're right I am fishing most of the time, but still am making time to follow your fine front pages. Pls. keep em coming, both of you! ;)

Some pictures of last week...