Paul Arden | Monday, 6 March 2017

I've been fishing with Flavio this week and he's been doing quite well - although we thought we had lost him one night when he went out for a spot of kayak-fishing! But he's still alive and hasn't been eaten by a tiger yet. While he was fishing I was filming and managed to capture one spectacular Snakehead strike. It's really an eye-opener to watch the strike in slow motion, since the fish follows the bubble stream, speeds up and launches from underneath the popper to engulf it.

I've actually been thinking a lot about the strikes and have come up with the possibility that instead of striking we should allow the fish to engulf the fly and then strike a few seconds later. This is obviously not easy to do, especially if you are in mid strip, but my idea is that you could release in mid-strip. After all when they strike fish or frogs the bait doesn't keep motoring along, right out of their mouths! This might explain why there are so many missed strikes with these fish - in any case I shall experiment with this over the next few weeks, because of all the Snakehead I've hooked I can never remember feeling the pressure right away and of many of them that I've missed I've felt the strike. 

On our company Facebook page, Ashly has uploaded a couple of different clips of the strike via Instagram (I'm "mrsexyloops" on Instagram by the way, even though Ashly is responsible for this work!). Which do you prefer? The best I think is the full version where I had time to slow the strike down to 25% speed. You can find all our full videos here on

Flavio, Ashly and I are now we are off to try to catch Gourami, which hasn't really started yet as it turns out. The Cicadas are in the trees, but as of yet I haven't seen any on the water. It will be interesting to see if the feeding bonanza only occurs towards the end of the Cicada season, or if last year presented something unusual in the way of activity (and I have to wait a prime number of years for it to reoccur!)