Sexyloops - Flavio Strikes Again!

Flavio Strikes Again!

Flavio Strikes Again!

Paul Arden | Monday, 13 March 2017

It's been a great fishing week for me, hanging out with Flavio, chasing Toman (Snakehead), lighting campfires and playing the occasional game of chess. Flavio is an awesome cook by the way - far better than me - and luckily for both of us he likes to eat spicy food! This is good because "Ring Burners" are my speciality.

I'm going to be busy editing this week's SLTV video, but it's going to be later - probably Wednesday - when it goes live, because I'd like to make a half-decent job of it and almost all of my time has been taken up fishing recently. So now is a good time to subscribe to our Sexyloops YouTube Channel. You can see all of our latest videos here.

This week Chuan joins me. I'm really looking forward to fishing with Chuan again. It's guys like Chuan and Flavio that make me realise just how lucky I am. For those of you who may not have noticed, I've separated my business into two, 1 - rod sales 2 - teaching fishing. 2 is my living costs. 1 is my retirement fund. Two or three days of teaching here in Malaysia pays for one month of fishing. It's a great deal!

I have a decision to make soon, whether and how to expand with a houseboat, hosting trips and setting up a second home here, which is really another self-contained business, like Hungary was supposed to be but isn't - or to carry on the ways things are... the answer to which will be based around which gives me the best fishing.

As a fisherman I know just being here I am already making it harder. And it was already very hard to begin with! But it's a type of fly fishing I'm glued on, for this is IMO the most interesting (and hardest) fly fishing anywhere. What this type of fishing has to offer is like nothing else you can imagine. And part of me thinks that it would be good for the lake to have more fly fishers, because we bring real money to conservation; and conservation not only needs to be sustainable but it only works with cash. After all saving the rain forest is only part of the battle.

But now I have to edit Flavio's trophy Snakehead part two! Have a great week and check back on this page on Wednesday to see the video :)

Cheers, Paul