Fishing with Piffen

Fishing with Piffen

Paul Arden | Monday, 12 March 2018

Piffen is half way through his Malaysian Jungle trip and has caught one Gourami. It is our mission that next week he catches a Snakehead. We are getting shots at Snakehead but not the numbers I would expect at this time of year. There is one very exciting thing: the Cicadas are shagging! Which *may* mean they’ll starting dying soon and become trout food. Piffen and I have both tied up a dead cicada patterns although neither look like they had a natural death.

This week we shall be heading to one of my favourite parts of the lake. It will be a slow trip in the boat because Piffen has brought all of his belongings with him. I’m still curious to know why his bag weighs almost as much as he does. Whatever it is that weighs 30Kg in his backpack he hasn’t used yet and I suspect he doesn’t know it’s there. It could be a small baby elephant. 

Right I must go because I have emails to answer, petrol to buy and half a lake to be covered before nightfall. 

Good thread on the Board regarding barbless hooks - a subject I brought up recently: 

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul

PS I'm not sure why Piffen is upside-down - although it has been said that Gourami look like they are upside-down, so that will be it.