Fishing, Tents and Recording

Fishing, Tents and Recording

Nick Moore | Saturday, 18 March 2023

I have an interesting rod to review at the weekend, and it has been given to me to try, it is the new Sage R8 Core in a 9’ #6 configuration (including a fighting butt), so if we label it properly, it is a 691-4. Having had a quick go with it in the garden before it got dark, I was pleasantly surprised as it is a lot softer than Sages usual sticks. It sports a low swing weight with hardly any tip bounce, which is a very good thing! Anyway, I won’t say anymore about it, there is more to come, possibly a video!

Speaking of videos, I wanted to cut down on recording equipment for my fishing and casting adventures, so it was off to the shop to search for something that could be used with a phone. Eureka! The Rode AI micro was here to the rescue, and it is such a handy small audio interface sporting 3x 3.5mm jacks, 2 inputs and 1 headphone output. With this interface, I can plug in a professional wireless microphone system and have high quality audio with a phone! The app is very good, and it is used to control the input gain as well as the headphone output.


Additionally, I have purchased a new tent which I think will be rather excellent, it’s a Hilleberg Nallo 2 which is a complete 4 season tent, if you don’t know, Hilleberg make some of the finest shelters available, and their quality is second to none, being trusted by hikers and mountaineers alike.

This weekend, Paul and I will be doing another distance casting video, but it will be slightly different as it’ll be a series! I don’t want to spoil it too much, but watch this space

Tight lines!