Fishing Taman Negara

Fishing Taman Negara

Paul Arden | Sunday, 5 June 2022

I’m fishing a different part of Malaysia currently, for Kelah (Mahseer) and Jungle Perch if we can find them. I’m writing this on Friday, highly organised and ahead of time. I’ve just tied a few flies, both literally and figuratively in the dark. I’m not too sure what flies to tie but I doubt it matters all that much and anyway I have my full travel kit with me.

This fishing is for the TV show I’m presenting here in Malaysia. My guide is Roslan who was the guide for Jeremy Wade in his River Monsters episode over here. It turns out that Roslan has tried fly fishing before but couldn’t get to grips with it. I can tell you after spending the next 4 days with him I’ll make sure he can cast and has the basics organised! His son who is 11 and an avid spin angler also really wants to learn fly fishing, so maybe I can teach him directly as well, otherwise I’ll show Roslan the basics of teaching beginners to flycast.

So that’s great. I’m really looking forward to this episode. I’ve never caught Kelah before, although we have them in Sungai Tiang. And I’m fairly sure they behave a lot like trout in many ways. So hopefully I will nail them!

I’m sure there will be a lot of flytying. My box is very light on this sort of stuff and equally importantly, even when I think I may have the correct flies, I’m 100% sure the hooks won’t be strong enough.

Ahrex hooks who Lars knows very well, kindly sent me a bunch of hooks, which I’m sure will be up to the job. So I’m going to find out!!

Hope your having a great weekend. I’ve stolen James and Tracy’s page today because Lars is also away fishing. Hopefully we will have Bernd back on Wednesday; I’m really looking forward to hearing news from him!!