Fishing and rafting

Fishing and rafting

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 21 August 2020

Kitka river is great for fishing and rafting. If there would be only one kind of trip, you would be able to do. This would be it. Clear, drinkable water, great views and always at least good fishing if not great. This river never let you down. During the years I have seen that size of graylings are going down little bit but still you can get quite easily +40 cm grayling. Reason why size has dropped is our mininum size system. It means that when min size is 35 cm, basicly all bigger than that could be taken for food. There is lot of grayling 32-34 cm anyway.

Why everynone seems to love fishing and rafting trip. It is not cheapest option but when you have done it you know it was worth of every penny. After 1,5 km hike you arrive to Jyrävä fall. It is 9 meter high rapid but pretty much as fall in two steps. You get nice waters, drinking water is just where you stand etc. It is time to get raft boat ready, instructions and all paddle.

River start to go down in canyon. Some nice waves that gives some water over you. Some paddling now and then. I can take boat down most of part by myself. After rafting about 1 km we arrive in first stop and fishing place. We have all ready passed good spots but this one is great. We park boat on north side of river which is really difficult to access by walking. South side is easy because there is road coming nearby and also hiking trail. In this spot I can easily get 6 person in great spots where 3 can fish basicly same spot and everyone will get some fish, not disturbing others. Time of day is also perfect to have pitstop in this place. Normally after 1 hour fishing porn it is time to move on.

Now we raft down few kilometers and again passing some great spots. This time we stop on south side of river. North side has hiking trail etc. Again there is great fishing water for 6 person. Two awesome spot and other water is great also. Last time we stopped here, my guests said that spot was empty and there is no fish. I test it and got 8 graylings with 5 cast. I wouldn’t say it was empty. One guest came to continue and got 3 more graylings with 7 cast. It is how you fish, simple like that.

It is time to move more down. I drop guests out so they can fish and go by myself to lunch place. There is about 300 meter nice water to fish and when people come to fireplace lunch is ready. Before I prepare lunch I have time to make few cast also, there is spot which I always check if monster grayling is ready to take. I know it is there…..

After lunch people will keep fishing downstream. 600 meter excellent water for dry or nymphing. I go with raft boat to pick up place and we have some time to fish that on straight. You can see graylings on your feet and they are nice size. Paul know this spot also, he almost fished right spot once.

Time to move on to last spot. Canyon is now behind and bottom is sand and gravel. River is still in kind of canyon but different kind. Last spot has again good water. Space for 6 person easily and some great dry fly fishing water. Fishing pressure is really low in there because difficult access from shore. It means hiking and not really paths. Last cast of the day and time to pack gears. I get electric engine running and we head to Russian border where taxi will pick us up.

It is always great trip. 12 hours about 8 hours just fishing and there is no empty spots. And of the best thing is that phone is not working so no-one can disturb your fishing. This year I don’t have this anymore but I next summer again.

This trip never fails me or my guests.

Have a nice weekend

Mika the legend

Ps. Documentary filming on Sunday, might even come to big world.