Glenda | Tuesday, 4 August 2015

No video this week....I'm actually out fishing and not at my normal computer and using iPad.

No luck with the fishing so far. It was our first day out today and it was cold and windy. Casting into the wind is a bitch....

it is only going to get colder and windier so the elements will add to my frustration of trying to catch saltwater species on fly!

Mostly used a clouser today, white and orange.....not even a nudge.  We were fishing off rocks in front of our accommodation on the incoming tide.  Nought, nil, zip! Plus getting line out was the most exhausting. 

I needed to keep the line high on the back cast and really throw it down low and hard on the forward cast.....well, it worked well enough for me to allow me to try and attract something other than cormorants!

A few more days to go up here where the weather is just going to get wilder, but, hey, you have to be out there!

A boat ride tomorrow to another spot up here for some fishing on man made canals, where it is reported bull sharks often visit!  Now that would be an interesting fight if one of those took my fly but then again, I'm not really using anything that large.

I'm using my 8wt Torpedo and it is a really great rod I must say!

Anyway not much else to report from me.

I am taking a break from the front pages for a while until I have completed my hospital visits (no more boring writing from me!) so thanks to everyone who bothered to read them.

happy fishing, cheers Glenda