Sexyloops - First Comp of 2022

First Comp of 2022

First Comp of 2022

Tracy&James | Sunday, 20 March 2022

This is going to be a short FP as I’m exhausted from helping to run the first BFCC Meeting of 2022 at Dodleston in Cheshire. This time, unusually for a BFCC event, we had a really good consistent wind! The conditions were fantastic for distance and several records were broken. However, we all found the accuracy was a challenge with the strong cross-winds so the marks were not as good as normal, but considering the conditions there was some pretty good targets hit.

I extended my T120, S55g and ST27 records and due to my recent BIG birthday, set a few more S50 ladies records.Though I struggled with the lighter gear as the wind seemed to pick up and switch later in the day. Mike H extended his V70 ST27 and S55g records and broke Mike Marshall’s T38 S50 record.

James had a great first Meeting of 2022; it demonstrated that all his practice has paid off. He took the S50 5# record back from Kei; he extended his own overall 7# and took the S50 7# record from Mike H; he took the S50 ST27 record from Ross (and was only 2 inches off the ST27 overall record held by John Reynolds); and he extended his overall and S50 S55g records.

We had a new member Nick attend, who James had been coaching for the last year, and it showed; James’ coaching and Nick’s determination paid off as he won the B100 and came second 5#, accuracy and ST27, with a couple of third places and came overall second behind James. However such good casting means he is now promoted out of B100, and skips B110, and is now firmly in the ‘open’ casting group for his next Meeting.

There was a good number of people who came along for tuition from five excellent instructors, Mark S, Mike H, Paul Brown and Phil and Bernie Ratcliffe. As always we are enormously grateful for their support during the day. The feedback from the attendees was extremely positive with people commenting what a great day they had and how they had learnt lots that they were then going to go away and practice.

We did miss some of the usual competitors who couldn’t make it, such as Kei and TC, however the day was great fun with an amazing bunch of casters, who all mucked in and helped run the competition events – particular thanks to Steve, Andy and Stuart. It was also lovely to catch up with Matt and son George who is still casting beautifully and will soon be challenging the Junior 17 records.

Whilst you’re reading this, we’ll be fishing the Welsh River Dee with Mike H as the weather looks good with the potential for some early dries on the water.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, tight lines,