Finnish Summer

Finnish Summer

Mika Lappalainen | Saturday, 3 June 2023

So after finishing original FP, I went to fishing on our lake. It was now and then some rain, but I really wanted to test new set up. Wind was not so bad, I thought that it could be some surface fishing. Also I could test new flooring from boat.

I drove with quad to lake and got my gears ready. I couldn't see any rises so my thoughts were more for casting practise and testing set up. When I got on other side with boat it was clear that it will good fishing.

I approached my fishing as snakehead fishing. Short line out, when there was rise I made a cast. Of course it is not how fishing works with rainbow trouts but it was fun training anyway. I did some fishing at same time, no takes, I changed fly multiple times. I saw that trouts are eating something from surface but also something which try to get out of water, not really hatching. I tried many different colours and size ( I only took two box with me, so flies which would be just the ones, were not with me.) I didn't want to use any squirms type or bead stuff. Surface is name of the game.

Eventually I found right flies, one superpupa half light, half black and other was black foam ant. I got one strike pretty fast after putting those flies. Lost it... another strike and lost.

Then I got call from my daughter and as we were speaking strike. We kept talking and she had live broadcast about landing the fish. (I have Bluetooth connection ear muffs, allows to listen rock music at same time. one muff on ear and other so I can here surrounding. Even it would have in-built surrounding speaker also). I got two more fish during afternoon, one I released so we will have some fish to eat on Saturday.

It was amazing afternoon after winter. What really makes me happy is that set up was so goood. HT6 , new reel with SA mastery DT 6-F. I have been looking double taper line for long time, luckily I found one from fair two weeks ago. I'm more drilled about casting than catching a fish today. And new flooring was great also, it makes standing and casting more stable. So this week end ups pretty great. Going fishing tomorrow again anyway.

Original FP. 

This week's plans went straight down to toilet. Not sure if you are familiar with that saying, it is quite often used in here. It basically means that you had to flush your plans like shit from toilet.

Sometimes it is easier than other. When it's not really important to you, it's easy to make changes to the plan, like flushing a small poop. Or it could just be a matter of millimeters, so that shit doesn't overflow the toilet seat. (Sorry US readers, I don't know how to make millimetres your measure format, inch is way too much. Maybe I should say.. it is paper thin matter....) Anyway that's where I end up on this week.

I missed good weather last week on our lake and I was hoping to have session or two this week. Sunday was rainy and fucking cold, (could be that I had also hangover, but I prefer to say tired.) So I just reeled lines in a new reel. Some reading and being back up for Satu because she was really sick.

Monday I finished renewing a boat. Weather was cold and the wind from the North. At the same time it was good weather for cultivating fields. So I plowed some small fields including Satu's garden. (This sounds naughty in my head, it is just probably me). 

Wednesday again rainy day, that was good day to make accounting. Year of the reindeer is ending on last of May and at the same time account year ends. Papers needs to be done and those has to be forwarded today. Why do things earlier when you always have last second chance.

Thursday we had to go with trainees to fix fences, it is something to do that fire won't even start. Shitty but extremely important thing, if things goes well during the summer you will have more time for pleasing yourself. (sounds dirty again, what is wrong with me). After fence day I decided to plow some marsh field. There was risk that is still too wet but at the same time, I have to get them done before mid June and same as earlier, it will give fishing time in future when field is done early enough. When I was just finishing plowing it start to rain slowly, turning to sleet.

Friday morning we had snow on the ground and still sleet coming down. It should stop raining in afternoon so I will go to our lake and fish. It shouldn't be so windy anymore and even it is only +5 celsius (40 F), it should be okay. Yesterday it was only +2 C ( 35F).

So I had nice plans for some evening fishing etc. All of that has gone down to toilet so far. Tomorrow working day more or less and fishing in the evening also. River fishing season opened also first of June. So next week hopefully something to write about that also.


Have a nice weekend and go fishing!

Mika the legend