Sexyloops - False Spring

False Spring

False Spring

Tracy&James | Sunday, 27 March 2022

Tracy and I have had two trips to the river Dee recently and, although the weather was similar for both days, the fishing couldn’t have been more different. The first trip was the day after the BFCC casting event where we took Mike Heritage, fresh from setting a number of V70 distance records, to a beat that he hadn’t fished before. The weather was bright and sunny and thankfully the wind that had been so great for distance casting in the previous day had subsided, although there was still a chilly breeze. The river was unusually low for this time of year – it was down at the level you’d expect mid-summer. Being so low it was also about as clear as it gets, but still with its characteristic ‘weak tea’ tinge.

In terms of the fishing on that day there is very little to report, three anglers, no fish, no takes, no rises seen and not much in the way of insect life to be seen.  It was nice to be out in the lovely countryside for the day however.

Our latest trip was a different kettle of fish though.  Similar weather in that it was bright and sunny although it was significantly warmer (I was regretting wearing thermal under-layers quite early on as I felt my back getting slightly damp due to sweat – rubber waders didn’t help, but at least they don’t puncture at the sight of a river bank).  I suspect the biggest difference was the insect life – the weather had been consistently warm all week and this looks to have kicked the river into life, much like the plum tree in our garden that in a matter of days is now covered in blossom.  (I should point out that this has been forecast as a ‘false spring’ i.e. next week the winds turn to come from the north, bringing in a cold snap potentially with snow showers).  Anyway, for now the bumblebees are out in the fields and olives are hatching in the river.  Today (yesterday as you read this) I took my first fish of the year on a dry fly – imitating the LDOs that were hatching, albeit in not huge numbers.

Tracy had some great feedback regarding the first BFCC event of the year from those attending for tuition.  The second event of the year follows in fairly quick succession, so if you fancy taking up an opportunity to hone your casting skills with some of the best instructors and you can get to Brecon in Wales then I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Have a great week,