Sexyloops - Fall fishing in Austria

Fall fishing in Austria

Fall fishing in Austria

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 16 October 2016

I nearly can't wait until it's October, finally the temperature is sinking and we get all the water back from the people who love to swim, walk with their dog, grill & chill, drive kayak or what else. But nearly more important, the snow up in the mountains stops to meltdown - that means finally we can fish again the rivers who haven't been fished the whole summertime...

In Austria there is a small hotel named Bräurup in the town Mitersill, it's quite famous for fishing tourism but there is nearly 30km of water you are allowed to fish with a daily license and in October you can fish the now clear Salzach. This river was full of melt-water the last few months so there was nearly nobody who fished it. 

The hotel is nice and they have a own beer-brewery :) of course something we had to do first!

Our "style" of fishing would never win a beauty price, because we fish with really really heavy, big nymphs and a "red-hook" as a second nymph. But that's the way you catch fish! If you ever try that, take enough flies with you, you will loose a lot but I love to fish like this, you really come down to the fish!  

They take care of their water really well, so there is a good amount of trout (brown and rainbow), grayling and some chars in the rivers. It was a really nice few trips to that place!  

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