Enough is enough

Enough is enough

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 16 February 2024

Sunday we had day off. After feeding reindeers I did casting practise, 15 minutes and hands were freezing cold and line as cable. It was -18 celsius with breeze.

I went warm up and did another training with videos. Temp was just dropping. I was pretty happy even both of the sessions were short like 15 minutes. You just can't do longer ones without breaking gears or getting frozen.

Monday morning was.... well Monday morning. I was just drinking morning coffee when I got call from employers that there is no water coming at farm. Yep, frozen pipes as I thought, we had similar situation two years ago so I had system ready. Unfortunately that was not case this time, or it was but in different location. Satu emptied room and I put heater on so pipe could defrost under floor. Tuesday afternoon and still no water, problem has to be somewhere deeper and I don't have tools to fix it.


We called to plumber. He came on Wednesday morning. He told that it is everywhere same now, pipes are getting frozen. We have never had problem on that location before, pipe was frozen over 3 meters underground in well, it has roof and plenty snow on top. When it is cold long enough and we have areas we have clean from snow... frost will found it's way. So Wednesday afternoon water was running again, just to frozen again next night, I even left tap open little bit but it was not enough. We have put heater now in well and extra isolation, Friday morning we see if it works. 

Anyway this cold start to be enough, not complaining yet, 3 months -20/-4 or less it is enough. And when it is warming heavy snowing coming, as coming night.

So we are looking flight with Satu now. Some warm place for long time. I had plan to have some weeks in New Zealand and some in Malaysia. Flights to NZ are extremely expensive, so we are starting to abandon that, with ticket money we can spent easily two weeks in Malaysia. So now our plan start to be long holiday in Malaysia with Paul and Ashly (They don't know yet, but will get info if reading this) and then stop in Italy. Could be north with rivers or south with sea, let's see what we come up. 

Two years ago it was same, fucking cold winter here and nice fishing holiday in Malaysia, now it is time to repeat that. Even NZ seems to be off the list from this year, eventually Satu will be 25 yrs on second time.

Weather is warming now so it will be only -10/14, so I think few practise sessions before zoom with Paul on Sunday. Next week I have ice fishing guiding also and we have 6 busy weeks left at farm.

Have a nice weekend!

Mika from Finland