Dreaming of a new fly rod?

Dreaming of a new fly rod?

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 11 October 2022

As one season ends another begins, some of you may be thinking about buying a new fly rod and naturally the Sexyloops Hot Torpedo springs immediately to mind. In the confusion that has become matching lines to rods, I’m happy to report that Sexyloops fly rods are designed for using AFFTA conforming flylines. So the Hot Torpedo 6 (HT6) for example, which was designed with the New Zealand backcountry in mind, is ideal for fishing a true-to-weight 6WT flyline. One of the most versatile flylines for this rod that I have found, is the Scientific Anglers (SA) Trout 6.

If you would prefer to fish a 6WT line that actually weighs in as a 7WT line, then I can thoroughly recommend the HT7! If on the other hand a lighter line is more suitable for your fishing purposes, then with HT763 I use a SA DT3, with the HT4 a SA DT4 and with the HT5 I use the SA Trout 5. All of these lines are true to weight according to AFFTA.

For the heavier guns such as 8 and 10WTs, I match the HT8 with a SA Bonefish 8 and the HT10 with a SA Infinity 9 (which is 9.5WT!). Perhaps a surprise entry with the last one but it’s a great line for fast close-middle range shots (but I wouldn’t want to use it for making long accurate casts into bank-side structure)

Many of you might use RIO, in which case you’ll need to go through their website and work according the actual line weights and not what is printed on the box (sorry about that). The same goes for any line I haven’t mentioned above. This matching of true AFFTA line weight to Hot Torpedo should give you an excellent, well-balanced fishing outfit.

If you don’t do this and instead operate by the number printed on the fly line box, then there is a strong possibility that you will end up buying a fly line that is heavier than AFFTA. The result of this unfortunate circumstance is that you will most probably find the HT rod to feel slow or sluggish to respond while casting, a loss of distance with the heavier outfits and loops that are more open. You may also end up with a fly line that is too heavy for the size of flies and/or tippets you originally planned to fish.

HT rods should feel light and crisp in the hand, easy to cast, providing great feel when increasing lengths of line in the air. Putting an overweight line on one would be like wearing three condoms by mistake. We don’t make pokers and we don’t make rods that require heavier lines for pleasant fly fishing. We actually make fantastic fishing rods!!! When it says “4” on the handle then it means it really was designed for fishing “an actual” 4WT line. And believe me, that is one a peach of a flyrod!



The fishing on my home water here in the jungle has been slow lately. The lake levels are extremely low, despite daily afternoon and evening rains. I’ve been getting the boat’s accommodation better organised in the afternoons for the forthcoming Wet Season guests. What I like about the Wet Season, is when it’s positively tipping down, I can do maintenance jobs around the boat. Or tie ugly flies.

I’ve been training hard in the evenings too. I have a 70.3 Ironman next month, which I’m looking forward to very much and hope to run a more respectable time (even though the bike course is hilly and the air temps are positively tropical!).

Today I’m uploading a video on the 170 cast. The Stopless delivery elements I think essential to any serious fly angler taking shots into the wind. The full blown 170, while beneficial, does take time to learn and it’s important that the elements that make up straight tracking, loop control, a fast haul, an ability to change trajectories and a long carry, are all in place first. Otherwise it’s going to be a nightmare of collapsed false casting for you! However the separate delivery options are desirable to have, particularly in the Salt.


And last minute Front Page addition! Part of an email I just received from Ian…

“I have not managed to use the HT3 or HT6 very much but have had quite a few outings with the HT5, pleased to let you know that it is brilliant and is my preferred rod if I think that I may be doing a fair bit of (but not exclusively) streamer fishing. My only question is why did it take you so bloody long? :D "

Yes that is a million dollar question! So many prototypes!! The HT5 took close to 10 years to finalise. Which really is insane!! Some companies have 2 or 3 “generations” of fly rods in this time :D Actually that is insane!!!!

We design and build rods that you will want to last a lifetime. Have a great week. :)

Cheers, Paul