Paul Arden | Monday, 21 August 2017

Well I have to say that last week was a pretty dramatic week in my life; after following the advice from immigration officers (trying to help) and after having a booked flight cancelled on the way to the airport (bastards), I ended up taking the last flight out of Malaysia - a business class flight to Singapore. [Steven Sinclair says that living in Singapore was like living in a hospital, because it is so clean! - a comment that I will always remember]. I have good friends in Singapore - Pak Amin (Legendary Singaporean Fly Fisher, who has been flyfishing since 1971 and who I first met many years ago and prior to my first Malaysian trip, on a long stopover, and many more times since), Chuan Tay who fishes regularly with me in Malaysia, more than anyone else does, and also fishes with Stuntman Ronan in NZ and again with me in Russia last year, Henry at Coho Fly Shop - Singapore's one and only fly shop - who I first met through Amin and who is an excellent serious distance caster, as well as a growing circle of others... Qwek, Kelvin, Peter and many others. So there are far worse places to be!

Anyway, I shall be returning to England tonight and then I will kick some Internet Booking arses. Once I've been refunded I'm going to have some fun...

Round one of the Great Hot Torpedo 2017 Competition was won by Ashly Chan. Facebook and Board voting has seen Ashly through to the next round - so congratulations Ashly! We only have a few entries so far in this round, so please do get involved and post your entry. You can enter as many times as you like. Remember all finalists win a Sexyloops Fly Line and some other exciting stuff, and the winner will win a Sexyloops Custom Built Hot Torpedo fly rod. Ashly's entry was really rather good - they all were - and you can read it here!

As of late Tuesday and for the next two weeks I shall be in Coggeshall, Essex. I will be teaching fly casting and because this is all happening very much last minute there is plenty of opportunity to book me for a casting lesson/ tune up. Also I have the full set of Hot Torpedo rods with me as well as a few prototypes, so if you are interested in test-driving a HT rod then drop me an email and pop around. It will be great to meet you. I'm also looking to host a casting weekend as well, and will organise one shortly. I'm not in England very often nowadays and this trip has been a surprise for me.

Over the next few weeks I plan to take all the Sexyloops APP videos and build a new flycasting section on Sexyloops, expanding upon the ideas and teaching, with links to content hidden within Sexyloops. It should be quite a section and will keep me rather busy. This and another project has been something that I've been planning and working towards for the past six months, but because I've been fishing (as well as living in areas without any respectable Internet speed - and mostly no Internet at all!) it's been slow going. In fact the original concept was part of the APP and was scheduled many years ago but never happened because the bastard developer ran off with all the code before being struck by lightning.

Last night I also realised that it was time to do something else; Sexyloops through its sheer size and lack of order has become difficult to navigate - you may have discovered this, indeed it was once of its charms apparently, some ten years ago, and so I have a cunning plan to reshuffle content and at the same time make everything mobile friendly and up-to-date. Sexyloops is 19 years old next month and so it's time for a little work.

Have a great week and I hope to see some, or even all of you, in Coggeshall, Essex.


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