Paul Arden | Sunday, 16 January 2022

January here in the Malaysian jungle is usually a slow time in the lake. In fact it can be so slow for sight fishing that I don’t take guest bookings from Jan through to mid-March. That’s on normal years of course, when guests can actually get to me! Here the Malaysian borders are still shut for International guests (apart from Langkawi I believe) and that’s despite a whopping 98% of adults being fully vaccinated! I really hope that borders will reopen this year.

I’ve taken on a few more Zoom Casting courses in the meantime. So if you are interested in a course of 6 (£300) or 12 (£500) video conferencing lessons over the next months, then please get in touch. I’m happy to add a few more clients. I have two lessons today (Austria and Bermuda). Two is about the maximum I can do in one day (I don’t want it to feel too much like I’m working! :))

The advantage of the lake downtime (there are babies to be found by the way, but it’s hard going to find them, and when you do find them, the wind we have at this time of year makes boat positioning for the shot a hit and miss affair)… anyway the advantage of downtime is I can do other things. For example I can drink beer and have rooftop parties…

No actually, what I am doing is finally finishing off the fitting of the Battleship, starting to train up my competition casting again, I’m going to build a couple of Internet sites (one for me and another for a friend) and shortly, I’ll be heading into Sungai Tiang again, this time with a raft to see how practical it is to pull one upstream.

I also have the T27 to test and judging by how everyone seems to use strong winds nowadays to measure their casting, the current conditions are absolutely perfect. I’ll just have to tie my ankles to the boat roof before I begin.

I’m attaching a video that I shot last week about our new HT5 that we will be shipping in March. If you order yours today you will get it in time for Spring (or possibly mid-Autumn, depending on where you are located) and you’ll also avoid the upcoming 2022 price increase. Please message me if you have any questions :))

My email is

Right, now I must go fishing for a few hours; there are a set of bays near here that can hold babies. And then I have a lesson to give before dark, an in-boat bike ride, and then another lesson. It’s all go in downtime.

Cheers, Paul