Paul Arden | Monday, 3 April 2017

It's been a very wet few weeks. Now I personally rather enjoy fishing in the rain, however I'm not so keen sleeping in a wet bed, in wet clothes, night after night! And Ashly's not too keen either. So I'm busy constructing a new roof for the Flying Titanic, one that looks less like a condom and more like... well, two condoms. The morning fishing however has been rather good, with plenty of opportunities at taking shots at Snakehead with babies.

Talking of which, Ashly has landed her first Snakehead, and Chuan Tay has landed his first fly-caught Snakehead too (this week's Five Minutes of Fly Fishing on SexyloopsTV. This is really fantastic, once you've landed your first Snakehead they become possible, and Ashly is sure to become "Snakehead Babe" - as she wishes to be called!

The "real deal" fishing is about to start for me, that means free-rising Snakehead and "Stumping" Gourami. The free-rising shots are the hardest fly shots you'll ever get and the Gourami feeding on the stumps is the most intense dry fly sport imaginable. So I'm very exciting about this fishing to come.

My good friend Tim Kempton is visiting shortly from Australia and is swapping a top-of-the-range Sounder/fishfinder for an HT10! I'm really excited about this, for it's going to open up Jungle Perch fishing for me and it might tell me quite a lot about Snakehead and Giant Gourami behaviour. It's going to be fascinating.

Finally for this week, if you didn't know, we have a good partnership with PowerflimSolar, who have kindly given me a 60W panel which allows me to go fishing permanently now and not have to return to land to recharge my thruster battery every second day. Last week they interviewed me for their website, follow this link to hear what I said: In The Field with Paul Arden.

There will be a video on the HT10 coming soon, our latest addition to the Hot Torpedo line up. Congratulations to Stefano Magliola for coming 4th in the Tallinn Indoor Cup last weekend with his HT10. Some pretty stiff competition there and really fantastic for his first International competition. It will be great to see a strong Italian team in the World Championships next year in England! Here's Stefano in the HTOC.