Sexyloops - Dispirited



Martyn White | Thursday, 9 March 2023

I'm waiting for rain. We had some last weekend, but not enough. Luckily we've got some forecast so I'm hoping it gets the rivers running a bit higher to really get the maruta in the system in numbers.

Actually, although they're already here it's still a bit early. Usually the best fishing arrives with the cherry blossoms. The hatches are early here too this year, it's probably all linked to climate change and it makes it harder to predict where to be when, but that's all part of the game I suppose. On Tuesday I went out in search of maruta, and deliberately left my bass flies and carp flies at homeso I'd stick at the intended task. I didn't get any maruta, although I did find a few, I caught a small carp instead. But I was really saddened to see a guy out snagging with his mult treble hook line and heavy weight, I also found a few dead maruta that looked to have escaped a snagger a couple of days before. It really boils my piss when I see this or the piles of guts and heads the pricks leave behind.

So I approached the guy and asked him what he was about, totally unrepentant and explained how effective it was for catching -
this Method is not illegal in Japan apparently! It used to be more commonplace and I haven't seen it for a couple of years, although I have seen evidence of it. It really left a bitter taste in my mouth so I just packed up early and went home, I really wasn't feeling it at all anymore.