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Dig the new breed

Dig the new breed

Paul Arden | Monday, 24 September 2018

I wanted to post a couple of videos today to finish up the manual and move on, but vodaphone doesn’t give me a personal hotspot here in Hungary, or Croatia or wherever it is I’m getting the signal. I’ll find a way this week.


My dear wife arrives tomorrow, so later today I’ll be in panic cleaning mode. Otherwise she is going to kill me when she arrives. Which is completely understandable. I plan to strip the cabin, put all my shit in another cabin and if anyone wants to stay then the key is under the mat. 

There is some good stuff over on the Board. I made a decision yesterday that this is where I post. FB is too sanitised for me and it’s a waste of my life having conversations - particularly about fly fishing - which are only viewable by a few select people. Knowledge is to be shared to everyone, not just a few friends. 

You’re allowed 5000 personal friends on FB, a fraction of which see your posts. I have 80,000 here all of which see my posts. So I’m over that. Let’s get this Board up and running properly again. And if anyone posts what they had for breakfast then I will ban them Tongue Out and finally, if you are new to Sexyloops then here is a vast section that you may have missed: 
I’ve been enjoying rereading these again tonight and some of the articles are quite brilliant!!


The Board:

ps the POD is not what I had for breakfast. I’m not quite sure what it is but Ashly iis bringing it!