Darkness is a friend, dark side is not

Darkness is a friend, dark side is not

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 10 March 2023

I asked AI to write FP in Mika Lappalainen style. I used keywords: flycasting, is dark side stronger than light, lumiline, casting in darkness. After few request it did something which was close to what I had in my mind, quite similar what I do. It was missing spelling and grammatical mistakes, so I decided to do it myself.

I have done some casting training. It has been -10 celsius, that has been okay. During the weekend and begin of this week it has been -20 celsius and I haven't trained. It is too cold to lumiline which allready got some damage because of cold. Friday I had set up ready and between groups I did few short sessions.

I charged lumiline with uv-lamp and tried to take photos and videos about casting. My phone's camera is just not good enough to do that. Anyway I did practise, before that I had some feedback from Paul about previous sessions. What I really appreciate is the tips and advice what were given.

I have earmuffs with radio, and it is playing channel with Rock music. I can't hear what is happening around me, not even sound from line.  And when I was doing casting in dark, only thing I could see was line and rod. So only sense I had was limited vision and what I could feel via rod. (some people have bedroom games which are similar). My loops were tighter than ever and casting was really good, timing when hauling was really good and rhytm was perfect, you could say. I know that you would agree if you were there. 

My elbow is still shitty but not that bad after getting some tips from board, how to fix it. It was not bothering so much than earlier. I realized fast why casting felt so much better and why it was so much better. One reason was that I had done some earlier and had feeling again but that is not really the case.

I have seen that many times earlier when doing snowmobile guiding. People who are not so used to snowmobiling might have real difficulties to drive even reasonable speed on daylight. When darkness is falling their driving get much more better. Reason is simple, you only see forward where lights shows. You will concentrate more what you are doing without trying. It comes naturally. Your instincts lead you, not your brain. You stop overthinking. Same happened to me  when I was casting in darkness. I have been fishing and casting in the dark, afterwards I realized that I have never really haven't have problems to cast then.

As Yoda says:"Is the dark side stronger? -No, no. No. Quicker, easier, more seductive. Usually, the dark side allows one to become powerful quickly. However, it comes with consequences. The light side, however, requires training and years of hard work."

It goes easily with flyfishing and casting, too. When you have learned some, and maybe you are good, you might stop getting better because that is enough for you. You can cast, you will catch fish, and if you are not able to cast where you want from your current position, you just move so you can.

That is the dark side, quicker, easier and more seductive. When you step to light side, there are lot of work, hours of training. Light side is in the end much more rewarding than dark side. All of us has been in dark side, happy about that we learned and are able cast and get a fish. Then you have to make decision if you stay there or go on light side.

We all have own Yoda who is willing to help you to become Jedi. Contact your guide or instructor, if he can't help you for some reason, check board from Sexyloops, find your Yoda and become Jedi. That is what you want. :D

Have a nice weekend
Mika the Legend