Coming into Prime Time

Coming into Prime Time

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 23 November 2021

The adults with babies season starts soon. In fact there are two times in the year when this happens most, although it’s possible to find them at all times of the year.

This past month and for the next 6 to 8 is the Wet Season. It can really pour. The lake rises 10 metres or more though this period. And as the water level starts to rise this sees a big spawning time for the snakehead. The eggs hatch after about 24 hours and both parents look after and rear their young.

For some reason it also happens again at the end of the Wet Season and mid March and for another 6 weeks is serous fishing for babies again.

Other things happen at this time of year too. Because the water level is rising it covers 8 months of bank-side growth, which provides food and cover for all sorts of fish. Baitfish come to the margins, Jungle Perch come in to feed in mornings and evenings (possibly at night too, but we’ll never know because it’s usually tipping down!). Gourami also come into spawn (I don’t fish for these when I find them of course).

All in all the first two weeks in December are, or can be, some of the best two weeks on the lake. Whether I have any guests or if I actually get to fish it myself we shall see! Singapore border apparently opens next month and I’ve had some enquiries. So both are possible and in either case I’m excited.

The way we fish is to hunt the babies, covering territory I know holds them. It can be the whole lake but there are regular hot spots. On a good day you you find 8-10 sets. The very best I’ve seen is 22 sets. Sometimes it might be only 3-4 sets. And of course it can be that we find none, but that’s unusual, but that is fishing. While hunting we also find free-risers, but less so at this time of year, and if we are lucky we find Gourami feeding.

So if you are planning a trip here next year then bear in mind that this beginning of December time is usually one of the Prime Times to be here. Mid-March to end of June is another. I’m usually busy then. I’m fairly certain International travel will be allowed then.

The only months I avoid having guests on the lake is Jan/Feb. It’s too unreliable. Of course if it switches on I let people know and I do have guests who can come at a moment’s notice! Feb 1st, Wet Season permitted, Sungai Tiang should be fully open.  I expect Feb-April to be wonderful  fishing on this river.

I’ve almost finished fitting out the battleship now, at least the guest quarters, and that should be completely finished this weekend. I’ve enjoyed building cupboards and shelves but now it’s time to really set about the fish again.

Have a great week.

Cheers, Paul

PS I’ve included a video of the snakehead shot from last weekend filmed by some friends who were visiting, Pavin and Krista. On my phone I can see the loop. It is sexy! Unfortunately I think youtube has rendered it out. That’s a pretty typical shot. You can see where the popper was sitting as it picks out and you can see the distance. I don’t bloop however so I must have put the fly in the wrong place!