Cold weather casting

Cold weather casting

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 27 December 2022

I’m rather busy at the moment. I thought I would run every day here in England (and Hungary) and I will but it’s very difficult in the cold weather! And I thought warm weather was difficult…

I have Zoom lessons again this week. I shall be wearing three coats for these! I’m pretty full at the moment, with 11 students on 12 session courses with me. I do max 12 students at any point. The good news however is that two are nearing the end (unless they rebook of course) and so I will have more places available in the New Year. The cost is 700USD for 12 one-hour sessions and normally take around 6 months to complete. I have a maximum number of 24 students per year.

I have quite a few bookings for Snakehead fishing next year already, which is excellent. If you fancy a trip with me in the jungle then please get in touch. It could be a New Year’s resolution, although that was Michael’s NY resolution last year and he didn’t make it :D. He is due this year however and quite soon after my return. Costs are 600USD/day fully-guided full board. Or 250USD/day self-guided full board. Or you can choose to do a combination. Minimum stay 5 days. I also do, or arrange, airport pickups from Penang International Airport. Belum Rainforest Resort should reopen again for individual travellers in June, which is great news because most guests begin and end their trip by staying here. Hell, life is almost back to normal!

The boat in this pic of the day today is the Rocket C. It’s off to my friends at Etamax, Butterworth, to get a lightweight aluminium floor, to replace the heavy steel flooring. Then it will be even more of a Rocket.

Sungai Tiang will also be open for fly fishing in February. So I’ll get details up of that over the next week or two. I’m very pleased to see this happening now. Please come and fish here to support the Orang Asli and have a wonderful fly fishing experience. You could do a combination trip. 5-7 days fishing for Mahseer with the Orang Asli and 5-7 days fishing with me in the Battleship.

Pretty busy on the rod front as well. A flurry of new orders just prior to Xmas that is keeping Lee on his toes. We are expecting a bumper year this year. Especially with the TV show airing in April. I’m not sure I can tell you what network this will be on yet, in fact many of you probably won’t be able to see it yet anyway, but fingers crossed it will be shown on a network outside of Asia too. I’m very excited about the Asian network.

I’m off to Hungary quite soon to catch up with Peter and put the world right over a few campfires. Haven’t planned the dates yet but will do so very soon. This is important because I’m expecting guests visiting me in Hungary too! I have to sort out some of my land there and arrange for more Osage Orange reel seat spacers for the Hot Torpedos.

I’ll be back in Jan for a few more weeks here in the UK. I will have a gathering of friends including a well-known Viking. There will be casting, Indian takeaways and I’m sure we will have a huge bonfire.

New Year’s resolutions? Hmm. Well obviously to fish more than Bernd. What else in life is there?

Hope you are having a nice festive season!

Cheers, Paul