Chatting with Bernt Johansson

Chatting with Bernt Johansson

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 21 March 2023

I had a long and enjoyable chat with Bernt last week. Another one of these “one hour” conversations, that took two and a half hours. I’ve edited it down to two one-hour sessions. I’ve started to find conversations like this interesting when driving, indoor bike riding, cooking beans and potatoes.

Bernt and I talked about flycasting competition casting, the World Championships and, or course, fly fishing! I found Bernd’s casting-sport training methods fascinating. Particularly I was interested in his experience with indoor 5WT distance casting, both his longest cast as well as how he trains for consistency. Lots of interesting details in these two hours and plenty to think about.

I’m flat out here at the moment. I’m doing lots of Zoom casting courses, taking rod orders (we have a HT9 to test soon), have a few replacement tips to send out to adventurous anglers, going hard with triathlon training and I’ve been chasing Snakehead too. My time zones are all messed up at the moment because I’m giving Zoom lessons both late at night as well as early in the morning!

Sungai Tiang is open. And this is prime time of year. So if you fancy a Mahseer and Jungle Perch fly fishing trip into the Malaysian jungle with the Orang Asli then go now! The water is clear and it just won’t get any better than this! There are Snakehead babies around on the lake so a combined trip is certainly possible.

Cheers, Paul