Casting Pond Design Elements – An Inquiry

Casting Pond Design Elements – An Inquiry

Matt Klara | Sunday, 6 May 2018

This week, rather than a fishing story or a tip on stillwater fishing, or something like that, I’m coming to the FP looking, and asking, for some advice. I am currently involved in a project that will rebuild and upgrade a local community fly casting pond. Think something simple like a shallow basin with a plastic liner and boardwalks – not a massive concrete installation like the ones at the Golden Gate or the Pasadena Casting Club (pic). So, since there are few places on earth that have so many casting nerds as Sexyloops, I figured I’d ask your collective advice on what features, details, ideas, and dimensions make a really nice casting pond... and why.

Here are a few questions and ideas to get you started thinking.  I’ll include my email at the end of the FP if you feel inclined to offer up some suggestions.  Get back to me ASAP, though, as things are moving fast on this cool effort.

Size:  We are fairly confined to width on the site, but what is an ideal length?  We would like to ensure ability to include single hand casting as well as double hand casting from some sort of side platform.

Direction:  Should the pond be castable from either end, or is that annoying if it is a length where opposite casters might overlap at distance? 

Access:  We will likely use some sort of engineered wood to create an slightly elevated deck around the pond.  What should be included to define casting stations?  For single hand roll/overhead and single and double hand Spey casting.

Accessories:  What are some useful things to have around on the site?  Things like rod racks, benches, tables, storage shed(s), targets, etc.  What else?

Distance markers:  What is the best way to do distance markers?

What else?  Surely I have forgotten something?  What elements have you seen at a casting pond that really were useful that don’t fit the above categories?

Thanks, everyone!  Please email me your advice at

Take Care and Fish On,